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Monday, April 3rd, 2006
1:22 am
How's everyone?I haven't been on livejournal for two days and I have to say I really missed it.Last time I was on LJ I was completely addicted...I quess history repeats. :)

So,my weekend.
FRIDAY:I was at the library,then went home and just sat around in my room,played with my cat..In the afternoon I went for a walk with Boris and it was great.I love how spring is really here.It was sunny,warm,we walked around his neighbourhood and then this guy asked us to go in for a drink...He has the sweetest house...It's adorable.And him and his wife are together for like 40 years and they are still in love...It's so sweet...
After that we were wit Robi (who came home for the weekend) in a caffe bar drinking hot chocolatte and talking...Then we got to my place and my brothers friends were all here,so we were in his room till 1am and then we went to bed...I love having him sleep over on weekend... <3

SATURDAY:We woke up and hugged and kissed and kissed and hugged for 3 hours. :) Then Boris went home and my mom dyied my hair...Well,just the roots.After that Boris and I went for another spring sunny walk..This time by the beach..We had fun-like always...Took some pitcures,we were lying in the sun...I got freckles right away...First time I'm on the sun a lil longer,my whole nose and cheeks are covered with freckles...But I love it,so it's ok.And Boris thinks it's cute. :) Oh,there was this little girl,about 2,3 years old and she just start running to us and came between us and took both our hands...That was the sweetest thing...And her mom was like-Oh,and with mum and dad you dont wanna hold hands? :) That kid was too cute...

Image hosting by Photobucket
Here are some lil pics of us and the beautiful flowers...
It's small-but I love the last pitcure...It's so pretty...The sea was so clear,and that flower was floating on it...I thought it was beautiful..But then again-I'm obsessed with taking pitcures of flowers and the sea and the sky-so to me,everything is WOW. :)

WE got back to his place,watched E.R. and O.C. and then his mum made me bangs.Yay!I wanted them for so long and I have this boring hair...It was straight and everything was the same lenght,so I hated it.So bangs really cheered me up.And I love my new look.I know it's not such a big difference,but it's enough to me.

We were supposed to go out all together in the evening,but I changed my mind and went home instead.So at 11 I was on my computer,eatin cookies. :)
I fell asleep at 2:30am and at 3am Boris came in my room... :) So we slept together holding our hands all night.
In the morning we just talked and did nothing and then at 3 we went for another walk. :) You people will think that's all I ever do.But spring came,it's beautiful outside and we're trying to be out as much as we can...
It was great,I have so much fun when I'm with him,it's amazing...
All day I was happy about my bangs. :)
We spent the afternoon eating,watching tv,he gave me a massage and it was overall a great day and a great weekend.

Well,I'm off.xoxo

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Friday, March 31st, 2006
12:29 am
I'm in love
Hey,you guys...
First of all,I have to apologize.I know I don't comment much,but it's because I get online in the library,and you have to pay it 10kn for one hour...So,by the time I update and put my pics on and read my email...I'm a litlle slow,so I don't really have time to comment it all-although I do READ it,I promise.But I will comment more.

Here are some random pitcures...

me happy
Image hosting by Photobucket

me writting "Bug,I love you" on sand
Image hosting by Photobucket

me and my 26-old brother being silly
Image hosting by Photobucket

me and my boxer dog Mia sharing a cracker
Image hosting by Photobucket

So,yesterday was a great day...In the morning I was in the library with Aida,as usual,we went for a walk,came back to my place and then Mr.Big came.Well,since it's friends only,I can call him by his name now-BORIS. :)
So,Boris came and he was so tired,my poor baby,he feel asleep...When he woke up we watched tv,talked,eat and fooled around. :) I loooooooove him and I LOVE the chemistry that we have,it's unbelieveble...Sometimes I feel like I'm in a movie...And that's just fabulous... :)

Here's my bug before he went home last night.He's so pretty. :)

Image hosting by Photobucket
Ahhhhhhh....I could just eat him.I know I'm boring talking so much about him,but I can't help it.I adore this guy.

After he went home,I watched "Out of time" with Denzel on tv and it was a great movie...I love all movies with him,he's a great actor.And plus,Eva Mendes looks really sweet in this movie.

Well,I have nothing smart to say... :)
Yeah,I do.My boyfriends best friend,Robi,comes from the army tommorow so I can't wait for that.I love that guy,he's great,and he's a lot like Boris...By character,I mean.He's really fun and actually,he kinda hooked us up at first..So,naturally,I adore him for helping me to be with the greatest guy I could ever meet.
So,anyway,he's coming,so we'll probably go out in some clubs on saturday,I'll update about that...I don't really feel like going to club right now,but we'll see...Maybe I'll be in the mood then...
I have nothing to wear though...Well,I do have a lot of clothes,but I always want something new. :)
So,that's about it...I'm off now.
Have a good weekend everybody!!


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Wednesday, March 29th, 2006
3:45 am
all I wanna do is have some fun....
I'm pretty sick so this will be quick...Actually-the way I write this journal is-I write it at home and then bring it to the library and post it.Cause I can't go online at home right now.But it's not so bad as it sounds-I live really close to the library,so... :)
So,I was at the library yesterday with my friend Aida-about two hours reading my friends page and finding some friends and stuff...It was a pretty boring day..But I got really sick when I walked home,and I already told you about my sneezing problem...So,I'm all BLAH. :) A wrote sms to Mr.Big to come at my place 'cause I'm not up for going anywhere and I'm feeling sick.Me and Aida spent 2 hours talking about how people from our school never washed themselves and how they always smelled so bad.It's funny,but it's true.You wouldn't believe how many people we came up with-that were known as Stinky's. :) Oh,well..
I was really happy when he came-he always makes me smile.
AND he is so sweet!He bought me this Levi's purse that I saw in the window the other day..I thought it was the prettiest purse I've ever seen.And now it's mine!!! :) He's so sweet,the way he remembers all the stuff I show him or say to him...I love him!

Image hosting by Photobucket

So basically,the purse was the highlight of my day.I spent yet another night watching football with him..It's Championship League finals,so there's game almost every night..Yesterday I was actually interested. :) But the truth is-I was half sleeping and really just a boring,sick girlfriend...and I love seeing him so excited about the game...And jelaous because he thinks I like Beckham and Henry and the rest of them...But I'm so in love-everyone's average and ugly to me...I can't see anyone the way I see him.To me he's the prettiest guy EVER.
My God,I just always seem to find my way back to Him,whatever I'm talking about... :) Sorry.
Well,I'm off to see what you guys wrote...I'm levaing you a pitcure of my beautiful spring morning...

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